It is shocking to learn that there are still black Namibians who actually believe that white people are “born with functioning brains” in comparison to black people, that whites are our saviours and we cannot as Afrikans stand on our own without guidance from white people.

According to this pitiful fellow, we as Afrikans must thank the whiteman for the development he brought to us. This subservient black man continues to say that other Afrikan countries where there are no white people are in a state of “decay” even if they got their independence decades ago.

It is further said we in Namibia are lucky to have the “born-with-functioning-brains whites” here, apparently making us look like a European country in the middle of Afrika.

So this apologist of colonialism feels that removing the statues of colonial/apartheid engineers is not a good thing because the whiteman did a lot for us.

I do not know if we still had people (Afrikans) like these in Namibia whose minds are still in chains and who think white people are only second to God.

I then drew this scenario to my apologist interlocutor:

15 black babies and 15 white babies are born on the same day, in the same hospital. A conscious decision was made that these babies will be raised together and be afforded the same amenities (language, education, accommodation, lifestyle, etc) until they finish university.

The question was:Would this fellow still think that the 15 white kids will outperform the 15 black kids just on account that they were white and as per his assertion “born with functioning brains”?

Fellow Afrikans; liberate yourselves from “mental colonialism”. Forget your 1960’s uncles’ farm labour anecdotes of white people being superhumans who can do anything. These were said out of ignorance as then our people were still illiterate and the fear of the whiteman was beaten into their psyche; literally.

Purge yourself of your domestic mom’s remonstrations of “baas” deserving all respect because he employed her and that puts a hot plate on the table. I know this was drilled in some of you, ad infinitum, but it is akin to the legend of a lion amongst most Afrikans who up to today are numbly scared of this animal on account of folklore.

Afrikans, take pride in who you are. Shun intellectual bankruptcy.
And, have confidence that you can achieve.

Decolonise your mind.

Thank You. Keep Reading.