God is an omnipresent, invisible being or so we are told. Almost all nations in the world have a god before whom they bow to ask for some intervention during calamities or even expressing gratitude for the ocassional windfall in their lives. Therefore, it is only natural for people to feel the need to praise God. Nothing wrong with that, right?

However, it becomes problematic when ‘religious believers’ become fanatical about their individual religions and start pushing the gospel of ‘us and them’; a case in point:Christians and Muslims, Jews and Muslims or some such pious religion.

It is strange how religion seperates people such that even mundane matters such as inter-marriages become anathema between two  individuals from different religious backgrounds. It is crazy when inter-worship is rendered impossible since different denominations ,serving the same God, have hostile belief systems and policies making it inimical to conflate worshipping practices.

Most conflicts that we are witnessing today have their origins and roots in religion. People of the same God hate each other because if you listen to the preachings of ‘men of God’ from all these religions you will discover the source of this hatred. Their teachings are so laden with venomous indoctrination and only serve to deepen the  gulf of animosity that already exists amongst nations on the basis of worship.

What do you think motivates Israelis and Palestinians into butchering one another since time immemorial, Christians and Muslims in Nigeria bludgeoning each other to death daily, ‘Christian’ countries (US, France, Britain, etc) in default war mode against Muslim countries (under the auspicies of NATO) and vice versa?

Religion is probably not a churlish act of seeking a sense of purpose in our lives but I think people are taking it too seriously if they would practise it to a level where it becomes a source of conflict and those spearheading religious institutions become maniacs frothing at the mouth as they spew hate speech.

Just yesterday people were gunned down in France and within a couple of hours an order of a call to arms was issued by the French leadership; that the French (Christians) will respond to such attacks with similar deadly force against suspected terrorists (Muslims).

It should be worrisome to this so-called civilised world that both sides (the French and the suspected ‘terrorists’)  who seek to out-kill one another actually reckon it is their ‘divine’ and ‘religious’ duty to do so. However, we all know this is not going to end any time soon as it becomes a recurring, murderous vicious cycle. The French mighty have military might but the other side has faith aplenty.

It is exactly for these reasons that people of the world need to step-the hell-back and think well; slow down on this type of toxic religion and recalibrate their belief systems to intolerant levels by breathing some oxygen of tolerance in the way they serve God.

Would God even ask for us to worship him this fanatically? Apparently these ‘believers’ from across different religions are of a view that theirs is a better religion which ushers them on the right path to some imaginary heaven and nothing else matters.

I do not care about some crazy notion on some imaginary heaven and the surreal promise of everlasting peace in the ‘kingdom’ of God. I want to live in peace in the here and now!

So, save the world from this rabid bibliolatry by toning down on the stupid, hate-inducing Christianism, Islamism or Judaism.

Thank You. Keep Reading.