It is shocking that in America civilians are allowed to buy guns, apparently, even automatic guns like Uzzis and Tac 9’s as though they were going in a shop to buy slabs of chocolate.
How can a developed country allow citizens ‘the right to bear arms’ without so much as a cursory background check? No wonder we hear people being mowed down like pheasants almost every three months by unstable owners of these automatic weapons on whom no backgrounds checks were conducted during the sale of these guns.

Many countries in Afrika do not allow civilians to own guns and those which do have laws in place that compel the potential buyer to undergo a background check by the authorities to establish if they have a criminal record and whether the past crimes committed, if any; entail the use of a gun and then there is a waiting period of, say, six months for you to receive your Certificate of Good Conduct.
Also, automatic weapons are not sold to civilians because these are weapons normally used in war and only carried by the military.

In the USA, we are told, they have a pro-gun amendment that entitles civilians to owning even the most dangerous of small arms. Is this done under the cloak of democracy or is this a matter of government having failed to button down the issue of gun control via proper and strict legislation in order to save civilians from themselves?

Now that president Obama is trying to toughen up on gun control he is facing strong headwinds because Americans who love their dangerous guns are throwing their toys out of their collective cot, as it were.

It is neither normal nor a sign of democracy at work that civilians are walking around with automatic weapons.
The law must come down on those who sell guns illegally or those own seek to buy guns without background checks, like a hand of God.

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