I am standing in a supermarket queue to buy some household necessities and observing and scanning the hagard faces of fellow shoppers, I have come to realise that the prices of food and other goods have become unreachable to many.
Most of those observed are young women,
some with babies  on their backs. Most will pick a loaf of bread from the shelf, spend 30 seconds staring at it as if to interrogate it then put it right back, one shopper picked out a bar of soap, walked two steps from the shelf and retraced her steps, dropped it back and lifted another brand of soap; same thing.

Some would just fill up a shopping basket, bravely approach the paypoint, jus to leave half their shopping in the basket. This , clearly, is a sign that times are hard for the ordinary shopper like me.
Strangely, salaries are stagnant while prices of goods are soaring and ever becoming unreachable to those who live at the bottom.
Is hope but an illusion?

Thank You. Keep Reading.