Which One Is More Topical Right Now?

In my country, Namibia, president Geingob recently launched his blueprint for development on which his plans of action for the remainder of his tenure in office will be planked. He named it the Harambee Prosperity Plan.

The concept is positioned on four pillars which I am not going to enumerate on account of my prevailing laziness on delving into minute details. Politicians love their concepts; something to be remembered by, some kind of brave, witty and high-sounding but improbable footprint in the imaginary soft dunes of politics. A political legacy on which their reputation will continue to ride after they have left office and eventually; this world.

But enough of Harambee let us have some Harambe.

I was not surprised to learn that Mr Geingob’s concept has a bestial cousin housed in some restrictive zoo in Cincinnati in America but whose name is somehow missing one ‘e’ and thus spelt as Harambe. I would bet you two pence that these two had their ancestral origins in nearby Kenya and the brainchild of the seminal Mwangi Kariuki (yes, you know him!) who met his end under mysterious circumstances in the early 1970’s during Kenyatta’s era.

Now, of late the odious spectre of racism has reared its angular head and this time the epicentre was Cincinnati. In some wild animal zoo! Before the now well-reported Harambe demise, Cincinnati was but an obscure detail to me; some distant backwater in America.

We all (Afrikans and anyone who has Afrikan blood careening in their veins) know that white people love their dogs and cats but a couple days ago they have shown us that they will always put an animal before a black person. Long story condensed:A situation arose in that filthy zoo in which a 4-year old boy fell into the enclosure where Harambe, the gorilla, was held in captivity (remember, in the not so distant 1800’s, black people were also impounded to be prodded and poked like some beasts to satisfy the perverted voyeuristic caprices of the whiteman). Surely we have all heard of Saartjie Baartman!

The human mind is a mystery, diabolic chamber sometimes. Upon falling into the enclosure the gorilla became fidgety and those standing outside had, in that instant no split-second idea of what the jumpy Harambe could do to the little man. So, a judgement call was made to put down the gorilla and save the tot. An intuitive pre-emptive action, so to say.

This infuriated racist whites! White people felt the zoo staff had no right to choose who lives and who dies between the two occupants of that momentary space in the pound. The termination of the gorilla touched off an online tsunami of racist attacks from white people some of whom felt that it was wrong to kill an endangered gorilla while saving a human whose population is in ‘oversupply’.
Really? Since when are peole the same as animals or is it because the boy in question happens to be black and therefore his life is being equated to that of a gorilla?
What if this boy was white? Could these rabidly racist white people have argued from the same twisted moral angle? We know that there are some good white people in this world but these are few compared to those who hate black people.

But I have seen this opera before!

Not so long ago, I have been called a ‘monkey’ by a one racist white male (Brandon Hammilton, what kind of name is Brandon anyway?) from Europe (Britain) on a social network platform for speaking in support of a fellow Afrikan who was the subject of a virulent racist onslaught. Nobody called me that to my face before and I was momentarily taken aback. This is 2016 right or have we somehow teleported back to the early 19th century?

What makes so many white people think they are more human than black people? Is it their orangish skin or is it some cave-concocted lie passed on from one white generation to another which stokes the fire of their hatred towards black people?

I know of some really dumb white people who cannot even construct a sensible sentence in their own mother tongue. I know of white people who never went past high school but who still pretend to be very all-knowing and smart. I do not think for once people are different from each other in terms of their mental enterprise. People just need equal opportunities from the start and they will achieve each according to their inborn individual mental prowess.

I will rehash what I said some moons ago that people are possessed of the same intellect regardless of the colour of their skin. I have always illustrated my argument as follows:12 babies (50/50, black/white) born on the same day, in the same hospital, educated through the same schools up to university will only achieve in academics and in their working lives based on their innate characteristics as individuals and not based on their skin colour.

Why then do whites keep advancing their  racist stereotypes about black people being subhuman and, therefore, deserving of ridicule?

People might differ culturally but as humans they are fundamentally the same.