A couple of days ago on Facebook, 4 days to be exact, I was involved in discussion on the ongoing situation in South Africa. I tackled topics like racism, white supremacism, apartheid, colonial oppression, etc.

Of course, many whites came out guns blazing, claiming we need to move forward and stop talking about the past.

Now, how do we ignore the past of apartheid when whites in Afrika are still racist and continue to refuse the fact that Afrikans have achieved self-determination? 

Following that debate, yesterday (3 April 2017), I received an obscene message hereunder from a certain Ryan Vogel of Modderfontein, Gauteng, SA (as per his Facebook profile) via my inbox.


I have deliberately separated the expletive-loaded message (in bold) from my text with a dashed lines. Previously, I wrote on ‘Polite Behaviour On Social Media’.


‘​It’s cunts like you who deserve to get fucking cancer and die a very slow painful death. All you do is fucking incite racism and spread bullshit propaganda. Fuck you, cunt’

—————————————————————— According to Ryan Vogel, it is people like me who incite racism and cause division because we keep talking about past injustices which were inflicted upon Afrikans during decades of colonial apartheid. I find convenient, the fact that whites who invaded and plundered Afrika for decades, oppressed its people, invented the system of apartheid which was based on repressive racism and shunted Afrikans to bantustans, introduced a contract labour system which turned men into manual labourers housed in compounds away from their wives and children for months on end, etc, are now preaching to us about the sacredness of democracy and racial harmony.

It is hypocrical of whites in southern Afrikan countries, mainly, South Africa and Namibia, to lecture us about democracy, reconciliation, letting go of the past when apartheid only ended in these two countries 24 and 27 years ago, respectively.

Most importantly, white people want to maintain their apartheid status quo in spaces like schools, residential areas, churches, social clubs, etc. Many of  them shun government jobs because they do not want to be supervised by black people or work with black people at all. 

It follows that one cannot even talk about social mingling between blacks and whites as on a minute percentage of white people will associate with black people at all. In rare cases where there is an interracial marriage between a black man and white woman or vice versa, it will be that such a union comprises of persons from the liberation struggle background who have social justice ideals in common. Otherwise, you only have to scratch the surface to discover that, invariably; the black spouse is either very rich or a celebrity of some kind, in sport or entainment.

This, probably, has its roots in the Immorality Act, 1927 (Act No.5 of 1927) an apartheid law which prohibited interracial liaisons. The original purpose of apartheid, like Nazism; is planked on the purity and supposed superiority of the white race, something inspired by eugenics.

It is, therefore, unsurprising that Hendrik Verwoerd, an Afrikaaner nationalist who invented apartheid took a leaf from the racist-inspired eugenics movements of western countries which were prevalent in the 1930’s. 

People like Ryan Vogel, descendants of racist Afrikaaner nationalists in southern Afrika who oppressed, segregated and discriminated against non-whites have no moral high ground to talk about racial harmony. White people killed many Afrikans for standing up to colonial and apartheid injustices, they drove them off their lands and appropriated it for themselves. In Namibia, the Herero/Nama genocide almost wiped out the Herero ethnic group and the survivors were banished into the desert to die of thirst and starvation.

    Many people in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and SA were forced to go into exile, starting the late 1950’s, to the late 1980’s to swell the ranks of liberation movements, take up arms and take the fight to the racist whites occupying their motherlands. Many Afrikans freedom fighters sacrificed their lives on battlefields, were improsoned without trial, disappeared without a trace at the hands of apartheid death squads. The history, and notoriety; of places like ‘Vlakplaas’ in South Afrika is well-documented.

    I will not, therefore, make no apologies to racist whites, especially whites of the Afrikaaner stock. Let history judge me harshly for my stance on colonialism and apartheid for I have suffered on account of these draconian systems.

    Afrikans cannot continue to suffer in Afrika just because we want to make peace with racist whites who are now telling us to appreciate colonialism for it had supposedly brought us modern life and delivered us from our mudhuts.

    If whites in Afrika persist with their notion of race superiority, the only thing that will resolve racial discord is the end of the current generations that went to war with each other because of colonialism and apartheid.